the management and compliance tool for the alternative investment fund industry

Strong winds of change

Managers and initiators of alternative funds are currently facing more rigorous regulation. The implementation of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (“AIFMD”) led to significant consequences in regards to new control functions and work processes as well as increased documentation efforts.

Going forward, managers and initiators have to be in a position to have a clear and accurate picture of the (compliance) status of their organization and investment structures at any moment in time.


What is yodoco?

yodoco is a tool that has been specifically developed to centralize information in order to facilitate compliance with regulation in regards to alternative fund managers and alternative investment funds. New organizational structures will make compliance simpler and more efficient.

yodoco is born from and based on the experience of practitioners in the alternative funds industry. The leading ideas behind the tool are the following:

  • Be the compliance cockpit for senior management
  • Be intuitive to operate
  • Be accessible worldwide via different devices

What can yodoco do?

yodoco provides a central management and compliance oversight tool to the decision makers in the alternative funds industry. It allows organizations to easily manage, track and report all of the regulatory as well as company internal compliance requirements. In order to facilitate the use of the tool, it features a collection of individual process workflows and adaptable checklists, policies and reporting templates.

Additionally, the software provides a document management module. yodoco not only stores and finds documents, but puts documents alive: yodoco adds key information you select to each document, so that you can query and find documents easily and quickly using key words and phrases. Documents can be directly linked to process workflows and checklists.

yodoco can be accessed from literally anywhere including mobile devices, thus enabling senior management, compliance officers, risk managers and directors to have an instant and clear picture of the status of their compliance and be able to react immediately via the tool.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of yodoco are well defined:

  • Immediate overview of compliance status through cockpit-like view
  • Have essential documents and information at your fingertips
  • Ensure compliance with regulation based on checklists
  • Keep your costs under control and optimize your internal processes

Key features

  • Compliance dashboard with traffic light colour coordination to portray progress of tasks
  • Alerts and notifications based on deadlines and exceptions of pre-defined ad hoc issues
  • Role-based views (either on AIF or AIFM)
  • Process-based establishment of documents and automatic upload of documents
  • Advanced search technology allowing you to search and retrieve information with key words or full text
  • Document versioning/history tracking and change detection
  • Expandable collection of AIFMD checklists, policies and reporting templates
  • Flexible and easily adaptable to client business environment
  • yodoco can run both as “software as a service” or on your own server
  • Secure login and data communication equivalent to banking level security (128 bit SSL)